Consultant and Independent Contractor Agreements by Stephen Fishman is another book from Nolo Press which contains sample agreements and contracts for independent contractors in a variety of professions. The book is useful both for independent contractors as well as those who hire them as it outlines the interests that are served by various clauses that might appear in a contract.

Table of Contents
How to Use This Book
Hiring Consultants and Independent Contractors
Working as a Consultant or Independent Contractor
General Independent Contractor Agreements
Consultant Agreements
Agreements for Household Services
Agreements for Salespeople
Agreements for Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
Agreements for Software Consultants
Agreements for Creative Independent Contractors
Agreements for Construction Contractors

Appendix I : Sample agreeements for Use by Hiring Firm
Appendix II: Sample agreements for use by Independent Contractor

The book includes a floppy diskette with all of the text of the agreements.

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