Quick and Dirty Web Sites.

Although its publisher is foundering, NetObjects Fusion, http://www.netobjects.com is a great program for quickly putting up a web site. I’ve used it for several temporary sites that I expected that I would either re-write using a real web builder tool, or where the organization who owned the site would take development in-house, or contract out to a web-building firm. Either from sloth or adequacy the sites have remained more-or-less permanent, for now at least.

NetObjects Fusion, not be be confused with ColdFusion, is a WYSIWYG web editor that works without you having to learn html coding. Although the program allows you to see the code that it generates, the code isn’t particularly easy to change or enhance.

The best thing about Fusion is that it comes with 50 or so graphic templates which contains headers, footers, banners, and navigation buttons. You can drop these items on to your pages, and Fusion will generate the code for you. The process is relatively quick and easy, and the results are far better than any “amateur” web site, and better than many professionally-developed sites. For non-profits, low-budget, quick and temporary sites, this program has no equal.

The progam is still available for now for about $100.00. For just the price of the graphics, you get an excellent web creation tool thrown in for free.

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