Dell On-Site Service isn’t Dell On-Site Service

So, you think you bought on-site service when you paid extra for Dell On-site, next business day service, with an additional charge of, say, $147.00?

If you have a laptop, and the laptop hard drive fails, you didn’t. They will ship you a new hard drive, overnight, after going through 45 minutes or more of diagnostics and testing over the phone. But then, they’ll leave you with another phone number to call after the drive arrives, and then walk you through the procedure for replacement.

The upshot is, if you really want to outsource your network hardware maintenance, the “on-site service contract” is really only a piece of the the solution. You still need some poor schlub to spend several hours diagnosing the problem and then reloading Windows and all of your applications on to the new hard disk.

And, for the record, any onsite visit does not include software (!) Not even the operating system.

I think this is false advertising.

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