Santa Claus List 2004: Practical Laptop

Dell Inspiron 5160 laptop

Mobile Pentium 4 2.8Ghz

512K memory

40 megabyte hard drive

CD R/W+DVD reader combination

Enhanced 15″ SXGA screen

Internal modem

Internal network card

Nylon carrying case

2 year business warranty includes breakage

Windows XP Professional


Note this configuration does not include:

Antivirus software

Microsoft Word or Excel.

A floppy diskette drive (Use a “memory key” instead)

Extra battery (not needed if you usually plug in)

If you wanted to save a little more, you could cut back the screen and shorten the warranty period.

Follow up: 1/5/2005

I configured the laptop today and have to say, I’m not wild about it. Unlike the Inspiron 8500/8600/9200 series, the 5160 is heavier and thicker. It has a power brick that is the size of…well… a brick! That is, the power brick is twice the size and weight of the similar brick for my 8500. The 15 inch screen is nice however. This laptop would be more suitable for those who don’t really expect to carry it around much. If you want to get a better machine for a similar price, look at the Dell Refurbished section.

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