Choosing Open Source Software for Non-Profits

Just what it says. An effort of the NonProfit Open Source Initiative. Contains case studies and comments about operating system and application software. I would say the desktop is covered nicely…there are good alternatives to Microsoft products. Still, there are holes in the area of accounting and fundraising software. The site includes a “reality check” discussion about how well this all works.

Other links: The Organizer’s Collaborative in Boston who describe themselves thus: ” We are a nonprofit membership organization composed of activists and technically oriented people working to enhance grassroots organizing, research, and movement building by social change organizations.”

Linc – The Low Income Networking and Communications have done some work with obsolete hardware. I know I have this fantasy that 100Mhz Pentium II machines with 256Kb of RAM or less can be loaded with Linux and behave just like a machine 8 years younger. Pehaps if the version of Linux is also eight years old? Red Hat 6.1 circa 1998 loads on some of these old machines.

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