Adelphia Increases Cable Modem Speeds

I don’t know if I’m the last to notice, but my cable modem Adelphia bill for April claims that they’ve increased their speeds. Enclosed in my latest bill was the notice, entitled “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better….”

For users without cable television, they say the download speed is increasing to 6 Mbps and upload is increasing to 768Kbs This is an increase from 3 Mbps download and about 384 upload.

I ran a speed test at Broadband Reports, and it showed 858 up and 3 megabits down. I used to consistantly get the 384 or so upload speed so it may indeed may be have been increased on the upside.

The price too keeps going up…I’m now at $58.13/month which includes a modem.

Nonwithstanding the controversy at the public service board last week, I’ve had fairly good service with 8 Adelphia internet accounts for the past 5 months; Prompt installations, accurate billings etc.

I know there are lot of complaints about their eMail service; I should think most people would be better off with a google mail account, or eMail with a real ISP or eMail from their work.

2 thoughts on “Adelphia Increases Cable Modem Speeds

  1. Anonymous

    part of the problem is old cable installations Adelphia wants to rewire everything, also if you have splitters on your cable they should be 1000Mhz, not 900, but hey Adelphia should have known that, anything to sell that bankrupt operation



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