A Quick Look at Macromedia Captivate

A Quick Look at Macromedia Captivate

Here is a useful review with examples and ideas for Macomedia Captivate.  The one inaccuracy I found was the promise that you can have a presentation up and running in five minutes. I don’t think so.  But the software learning curve is reasonable, and the results promising. 

The review is from the American Society of Training and Development web site;  Learning Circuits.  They also have blog. From the heading:

Learning Circuits Blog is dedicated to sharing ideas and opinions about the state of learning and technology. Please use it to launch trial balloons,debate with others, and challenge assumptions. Join us in sharing pointers to new and interesting stuff. Continue the discussion of issues raised in Learning Circuits. Raise questions you’d like the Learning Circuits community to answer.  

And from the May 12th entry: “Just Showing Up”

On my long-term and short-term projects, I am around motivated and talented people.

But a theme has come up when talking to colleagues. A lot of people these days, according to a lot of good sources, are just “showing up. “

They are just showing up to meetings, unprepared.
They are showing up to league basketball games without having done much practice.
They write reports and letters without doing much research.
I have seen sales calls when both sides knew nothing about the other.

If the theme is just “showing up,” however, the expectations seem to vary.

Some people still expect to be great. Some people think we will revel in their wondefulness, unprepared as they are.

Others just want to get by. The years of incredible rewards for incredible efforts are over, they think. Why push?

Both have implications for formal learning. But first, let’s test the premise. Are people seeing this in their own workplace?


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