$100 Dollar Laptop and Google Stock over $400

Questions of the week:

  1. Is it just a coincidence that this week there was a formal introduction of the MIT 100 dollar laptop and Google stock broke $400 per share?
  2. Does this mean that eventually we will get a check along with our computer when we order one from Dell? This isn’t entirely far-fetched, American car companies have been giving cash rebates to buyers for years. Something I never understood…why don’t they just lower the cost in the first place? Instead they try to maintain the fiction that a Buick Lacrosse, with a list price of $28,990 is actually going to be sold for $28,990.

Now these cautionary questions reinforce my conviction that it has always been better to be in the software business than the hardware business. Which, of course, leads to more questions:

  1. Why didn’t I buy Google when it was at $85?
  2. at $315?
  3. Should I buy now at $405?
  4. Will the stock split?
  5. Why am I doing hardware development?
  6. Am I doomed?

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