Santa Claus List: December 2005

Each year, clients ask what to do with the leftover budget money. Hah Hah. No really. Unlike some years, this one doesn’t appear to have some kind of overarching must-have theme… as it has been a relatively quiet year in software/hardware-land. So maybe it would be a good year to play catch-up. So, here is the first iteration of the 2005 Santa Claus List, which includes tactical and practical ideas as well as some blue-sky wishes.

1. Broadband everywhere. Between offices. At headquarters, for every remote or home-bound employee, for every remote or home-bound client of your agency. DSL or cable connections for $30.00-$50.00 month.

2. A fixed IP address for every office. Typical “consumer grade” broadband does not include a fixed IP address, and they either forbid or block any any attempts to run a internet server from such dynamic addresses. The internet is for everybody. That should include the ability to provide communications, applications and content as well as to consume it.

3. An end to so-called “digital rights management” copy-protection schemes that prevent consumers from playing their legally acquired and paid-for music and video from being played on any device of their choosing. I’m tired of being treated like a criminal by the likes of Sony.

4. 2 gigs of RAM, and 120 gigs of hard disk space for everyone. A 2.4-2.8Mhz processor for every Windows workstation.

5. Windows XP for all Windows-based computers. The “window” for getting all computers on the same operating system is closing fast. We’ve had a good run of a couple years with XP. But Windows Vista is on the way.

6. LCD monitors. Larger LCD monitors. The saving in power costs and desk space will more than justify their expense, and there are several available in the $400.00 range.

7. In the stocking stuffer department:Three-button, optical mouse with a scroll wheel. New mousepad.

8. Books from the TFNP bookshelf and/or a subscription to the Safari on-line books database. Also, any book from Henzenwerke for those with database/FoxPro/SQL and Linux interests.

9. Desktop Software: X1 and Onfolio.

Any further ideas?

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