Random Purchases

I don’t know what it is about January, but everything seems to come together in a perfect financial storm. A ton of services and things expire and need to be renewed. It is just amazing even though I’m not sold on “software as a service” (at least as a consumer…) we’ve constructed a list on ongoing subscriptions to print and online services that need to be re-examined on at least a yearly basis. Here is some of the list, both personal and corporate:

Visual Mind upgrade $89.00 Creating mind-maps

Microsoft’s Action Pack: Every microsoft server and desktop application available for developers and consultants to use to run their business as they familiarize themselves with the Microsoft offerings. $299/year. Microsoft also has a developer program that provides for a low-cost Univeral subscription (all the developer tools and servers) for a year, for any developer who intends to offer a shrink-wrap product written using Microsoft tools within an 18 month time frame.

subscriptions. I mentioned this remote-access program last month and ended up buying two “Reach” licenses, each for a year, and one “desktop support” license for a month. I’ll probably buy more as I need them, just like they planned.

QuickBooks update for payroll. I’m sticking with QB 2004 Basic.

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