Onfolio sucumbs to The Borg

Microsoft bought Onfolio. While this wouldn’t automatically cause me to gag, I do think it unfortunate that their plans include the following changes:

1. Onfolio is free (!) and is incorporated into the Windows Live Toolbar (lame-o)
2. Support for FoxFire is dropped.
3. The reports function in Onfolio Professional is dropped in any new versions.
4. The academic version is dropped.

So, in my case, at least, the program is dumbed down, incorporated in a stupid toolbar accessory, that I don’t use, and crucial enhanced functions are discontinued.

The good news is, version 2.02 still works fine…with FoxFire.
So many good programs bite the dust. Remember Lotus Agenda?

1 thought on “Onfolio sucumbs to The Borg

  1. Anonymous

    I was using the trial and planned to upgrade when this happened. So irritating .. now I can’t even buy it and the microsoft version does none of the things I actually used (the reference capture being number one). Additionally they seem to be trying to add at least some academic related functionality, but started their google scholar clone with only computer science and physics … also totally useless to me.



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