Why it takes at least an hour to set up a user workstation

Dell Optiplex GX620 Workstation Setup

  • Switch Control Panel to Classic View
  • Remove MSN
  • Remove Windows Messenger
  • Remove Windows Media Shortcut from Desktop
  • Remove Help and Support Shortcut from Desktop
  • Install Video Driver from CD
  • Install ClearType –
  • Change monitor resolution to 1280 x 1024
  • Change desktop background to standard agency background
  • Change monitor refresh rate to 75Hz
  • Disable the power “always on” in F12 setup (requires reboot)
  • Set home page to Agency Home page
  • Install Adobe Acrobat
  • Install Flash
  • Set search page to Google
  • Install Office10 from CD – Word/PP/Excel (not OutLook)
  • Install Office Media
  • Install Symantec Anti-Virus from CD
  • Install Windows Defender (anti-spam)
  • Do updates and scan on Windows Defender
  • Do Windows update

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