Dell Optiplex 620s

Configured three Optiplexes today. These are from Dell’s “business” line of computers, and in their current incarnation they seem nicely made. Each was about $1300, including a 19 inch flat panel screen.

The order included for “free” an enormous colour laser printer, which we haven’t even unpacked yet. You can refuse the printer but they won’t reduce the cost of the order for doing so. This is the third time we went through this…the first time we refused the printer, the second time we accepted it (a Dell ink-jet) but never received it even after calling several times. I don’t know who thought this up, but it seems like a very strange marketing ploy.

The three machines came only with USB outlets for the mouse and keyboard, and the included keyboard is extremely compact. They also came with a digital input for the flat screen. Now there no going back to old screens and keyboards.

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