Dell Donations and Recycling

Finally! Dell is augmenting and extending their programs for donating machines, as well as recycling. Read all about it here. As you already know, old computers can contain toxic metals, particularly lead and mercury. Around here we can pay a little extra to have them recycled, but if you just chuck them they end up in the landfill, which is not a good place. It appears that for recycling, you can put in the Dell Tag ID, and you’ll receive instructions to print out an airbill. Pack up your stuff. (and pay some bucks for shipping…) and the Man In Brown will come pick it up. I wish I knew about this on Tuesday… I just paid $20.00 to recycle 3 (working) machines and two (working) 17″ monitors.
Note: Be sure to wipe the hard drives of data, using something like Darik’s Boot ‘N Nuke.

IBM appears to have a similar program.

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