This quarter’s Microsoft Action Pack

Hmm….arrived today with MapPoint 2006, SQL Server 2005 SP1, and the beta CD’s of Windows Vista and Office 2007. Of course, I installed the betas a couple weeks ago.

I’m have Office 2007 in production, and except for OutLook’s crawl things seem to be working pretty well, and I look forward to using the new interface. After a flurry of playing with Vista, I’ve put that on the back burner until the printing and dual monitor problems get worked out. (I can’t print to my networked printer that is attached to my small-business server 2003, and my second monitor isn’t supported..which could be an issue with the video card.) I’m looking forward to Vista as well…at least for personal work. It will be hell-on-wheels to install in an office and re-train all the users. Another reason for standardizing on XP Pro while it is still possible.

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