Microsoft Events – Exchange and MSDN

Exchange comes with the Microsoft Small Business Server offering, which is another way that people get into Exchange. Since SBS by design requires that everything run in the same physical server box, there can be performance problems if you are attempting to run anything other than Exchange on the same server. And maybe you will….how about a SQL-Server database back-end, or a SharePoint web server for internal documents and project management. Not to mention, your Active Directory, network security, virus-update and management software, SPAM update and managment software, other centralized workstation management. Oh, and by the way, you are using it probably for file and printer sharing (which is what servers used to be for in the first place). In short, I think the server is too valuable to “waste” on running eMail.

The afternoon events were the MSDN events. These included a discussion and demonstration of ATLAS which is Microsoft’s version of AJAX. There will eventually be a set of extensions added to ASP.NET 2.0 to support all of the AJAX, I mean ATLAS functionality (remember FrontPage Extensions?)
What is promising, is that there will be creater cross-platform ability to run ATLAS applications, as the client side code is basically javascript. The framework is free for the download.

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