OneNote 2007 Synchronizing

Something that works beautifully: OneNote shared notebooks. Since I use OneNote on both my desktop workstation and my laptop, I have always been copying the files back and forth between the two machines in a daily ritual, hoping that I always copy the most recent version over the older version. Now, OneNote 2007 has refined the synchronization option so that if you have a shared version of the notebook, each machine will share changes against the shared version.

How it works

Each machine maintains its own copy of the notebook file. So, for example, when I take my laptop away from the office, the current version of all of my OneNote notebooks is on my laptop. When I get back, I place the laptop in the docking station, start it up and open OneNote. As soon as OneNote opens it synch any changes with the shared copy on the network server.
So far, no big deal. But what is the big deal, is that the sharing is by page entry. So, if you have changes on both machines, they will be combined in the shared copy. Changes to existing pages will be made and new pages will be added.

There is an exhaustive discussion of synching OneNote on Chris Pratley’s blog which includes a number of different scenarios.

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