Chron This Week

In the November 23rd edition of the Chronicle of Philanthropy


Big discussion about the how aggressive fund-raising techniques are alienating donors. Some donors get hacked off after being contacted by telephne on a monthly basis. Well, who wouldn’t?

Grants and Research

The MacArthur Foundation will spend 50 million dollars over five years to fund research into the effect of digital media and the internet on the education and social development of children.


Recent non-profit tech conferences:

March 22-24 2006 in Seattle – Non-Profit Technology Conference

March 25 2006 in Seattle – Penguin Day, potential and challenges of using open source software

Effect of the election results

Nonprofit groups should expect no change in the efforts of the Seanate Finance Committee to tighten laws and regulations affecting nonprofit accountability and political involvment, since the views of the possible new Democratic chairman, Montana’s Sen. Max Baucus, seem to be similar to those of the outgoing one, Iowa’s Sen. Charles Grassley.

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