Earn $600.00 in ten minutes — Web Hosting Change

My web host, intermedia.net who provides space for this blog as well as my modest corporate website has a number of hosting plans which include a variety of options. They have full Windows plans, with SharePoint and ColdFusion (but not both on each plan). They also have Apache/Linux plans. Plans include database back ends, mySQL, SQL-Server, and add-ons like MIVA for web stores, Coppermine for photo sharing, bulletin boards, Exchange eMail, you name it. Technical support is fast and usually excellent.

So, I downgraded my web server, which involves changing IP addresses and the DNS pointers. So if you find that TFNP is “blinking”… that’s why…we’ll be back momentarily and we regret any inconvenience this may cause. I figure this change will save more than $600 next year. Not bad for sending a couple eMails, and spending a few minutes to make sure that everything will work.

Also, if you read TFNP via an RSS feed, you may need to reset it after the change happens in a couple days.

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