Chron: This Week

This week’s Chronicle of Philanthropy has a couple of themes:

The cover story is about conservation, land trust, and housing organizations.

Inside there are several articles about foundations, and how foundations need to be more accountable and transparent.

This week the Chron quotes a study by the Center for Wealth and Philanthropy at Boston College which compares giving by state, adjusted for the state’s cost of living and tax burden. Utah is listed as the top giving state, with an average after-tax income per household of $53,425, and an average charitable donation of $3405. The data is from 2004. In the study, there is an extensive discussion of Massachusetts demographics and giving.

Also this week is a discussion of non-profit blogs, with a list of “10 Non-Profit Blogs That Get Attention”. (the main article is free, the list of ten blogs requires registration).

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