Gizmo Project – web based calling

The Gizmo Project now has a web-based version of their soft phone which works with Firefox or I.E. I was a little confused about this, as it requires the Adobe 9.0 Flash plugin. So if you go directly to the Gizmo Call website and get an error, download and install Adobe 9.0 and then try again. You’ll also be asked to install a Firefox plug in if you are using Firefox.

You can test this with up to 10 minutes of free calling each day. It works also if you already have a Call-Out (pre-paid) account for 2 cents per minute.

Not quite sure when I’d use this…since I already have the normal Gizmo softphone installed on my laptop. But if you want to make calls from a “foreign” computer, in an internet cafe, for example, this would be a way to do it, and be able to connect to your own account.

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