Tell Dell What You Think

Over at the Dell Ideastorm they have created a “suggestion box” for Dell customers. There aren’t a lot of surprises. A lot of the comments have to do with the hassle of dealing with Dell. Examples:

  1. Crappy tech support, especially when outsourced to India via lousy VoIP connections
  2. Stupid pre-installed software that people remove anyway
  3. Lack of Linux and Open Office options
  4. Confusing product line, and lack of customer focus
  5. Better laptop design and quality

Dell stock has been drifting south for months, and is now down around 24 after peaking around 42 at the beginning of 2005. There has been a management team shakeup, and Michael Dell has resumed the CEO post in an attempt to get them back on track. I think this site is a great idea, and not just for Dell….maybe other hardware vendors should take a look and see what computer purchasers are dying for when they cut the purchase orders in 2007.

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