Books for Microsoft Access 2007 and earlier

I was going to do a list of my favorite Access books…but Erik Rucker already posted one. His blog, “What’s new in Access 2007” has been going since late 2005. Erik is the program manager for Access 12.0 (aka 2007) at Microsoft. I expect when the runtime is announced it will appear here first. (To paraphrase the late-nite tele-marketing shill..”Programmers Are Standing By!)

Erik’s annotation consists only of the publisher’s blurb, not any kind of comments or review. Several of the books have publishing dates for April and later.

My own favorite books, which cover Access 2003 include:

Grover Park George On Access This book is especially good for those with limited database experience. GPG is a regular on the Utter Access forum, and even answers eMail questions.

Fixing Access Annoyances I wrote about this book previously, it is full of workarounds to pesky problems in Access 2003 and earlier.

Access Hacks

Microsoft Access Data Analysis

Finally, the other day I picked up VBA for Dummies, hoping for a little more detail about Visual Basic for Applications, the version of BASIC which is used when programming the Microsoft Office programs. The 5th edition actually deals with Office 2007, (i.e. The Ribbon), and I found several good tips.

VBA works for Outlook, Word and Excel, too, of course, and is especially helpful when you want to glue the applications together, by sending eMail from Access for example or using Word to create reports from Access.

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