Daylight Savings Time Change: Aftermath

With a stunningly cavalier attitude, my preparation for the daylight savings time issue consisted of checking the Microsoft web site, which led me to believe that as as long as everything was updated with patches, the change would be automatic. Today, checking for daylight savings issues, I had mixed results.

  • Unless you update and patch your Windows XP and Server 2003 machines, all bets are off. Even once they are updated, you may find yourself an hour later or early.
  • Workstations may take the time from a domain server, but if they don’t, you can reset them from the Time application in Control Panel, or by right-clicking the displayed time in the system tray.
  • Jeff Duntemann has a note about a free program that will do the update, and explains a bit more how the daylight-savings changes are stored in the registry.
  • As long as the Grandstream IP phones were set to account for daylight savings, they all flipped over without intervention. They update themselves from NIST.

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