Chron This Week: Another vote for Network Neutrality

Well, actually, it is Chron Last Week… I’ve not been keeping current..there are still a few more Chrons in the pile on my desk.

But in the April 19th issue, there is a nice short article about network neutrality.

Proponents of so-called network neutrality argue that all data traveling over the Internet should be treated the same way, no matter which companies’ networks deliver it. They say phone and cable companies should not offer better service–faster speeds or dominant Web placement, for example–to companies that they are affiliated with or that are willing to pay extra. Many communications companies, however, argue that a federal law requiring network neutrality would impede their ability to attract financial investors for expansion of Internet services.

They cite a web address which outlines the case for network neutrality and another web site which opposes network neutrality.

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