Access 2007 Runtime Delayed & Linux Patent Assault

Microsoft Matters:

The Access 2007 runtime which was scheduled to be available today is delayed by a couple of weeks.

In other news:

Microsoft also seems to be trying to pick up where the SCO lawsuit left off, by threatening companies using Linux for patent infringement. Same story as before…they won’t say what is being infringed, won’t point to any code in particular. They mention OpenOffice (which isn’t Linux, of course, merely open source). Lots more about this over on Slashdot.

What a crock!

It is behavior like this which makes a customer think about where they are sending their money.

It’s like General Motors blaming their customers for not buying enough GM cars.

It’s like health insurance companies blaming their customers for whinging about the cost of premiums which rise at 2 or 3 times the annual rate of inflation.

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