Trixbox Boston

The cockpit. Laptop with the VMWare image of Trixbox installed. You can see the version 2.2 management screen. To the right, a Polycom 330 phone. These were part of the package that everyone took home. These are really nice phones, a real step up for those of us who have been using lower-end phones in our Trixbox experiments.

Andrew Gillis tries to debug problems with David Mandelstam’s Polycom phone. If David can “brick” a phone…is there any hope for end-users? ;-0

Andrew, Kerry and Stefanie Chao-Narayan handing out diplomas.

The object of our affection. A pre-production TrixBox. This one was the enterprise version, with dual power supplies. It runs cool as a cucumber, but belongs in a server room or wiring closet, not under your desk.

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