Trixbox and VoIP Update

I have done an extensive hoeing out of the VoIP Resource Guide, if you thought it was getting a bit long in the tooth, there are new items and I’ve deleted a lot of the old stuff. But, to cut the chase, here are some Stuff That Works:

The above are components that I’ve been using recently. Just today I ordered another Polycom phone, and a Sangoma A200 FXO card to replace my Digium X100p card. The difference between the Polycom phone and the Grandstream B100 phones in sound quality is noticable, and the general fit and finish of the Polycom phones is outstanding. Of course they cost twice of what the Grandstream phones had cost.

Other things highly thought of:
At the Boston Trixbox seminar, people spoke highly of Aastra phones, and Rhino interface cards. M0n0wall, the open source firewall was also recommended.

Unsolved Problems:
I was really happy with Gizmo for awhile, but have never been able to get it to register with my Trixbox server. I fiddled, but always given up.

And, still looking for a QoS solution for my home router, so that when I’m on the phone, and am casually surfing the web, it doesn’t destroy the conversation mid-word.

1 thought on “Trixbox and VoIP Update

  1. Mike Joyce

    Larry,I use the QoS solution used in the DD-WRT implementation of the WRT-54G Linksys router. It works great for up to 3 calls on my home network. dd-wrt.comCheers!Mike



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