Quick Introduction to Windows XP Embedded

Introduction To Windows XP Embedded
A five minute video introduction to working with XP Embedded.

Target Analyzer
creates an XML file which describes all the hardware
Runs from XP
16 bit version runs from DOS

Component Designer

Import the results of the Target Analyzer. Example shows about 200 hardware devices in the snapshot
Create a custom component for an application

XPe ships with 9000 device drivers, 3000 operating system components
If not included, you can import an .inf file for a device driver. You can then use this just like any other component

Component Database Manager
This tool is used to manage the database of components and check in new components

Target Designer
Select a design template (like “information appliance”)
Checks all dependencies.
Builds the target image.

The difference between a built XPe image is that the operating system that is built is built in a bootable form (not “installable” form).

More webcasts here.

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