Access 2007 Deployment File Formats

Notes from the Access 2007 help file:

There are four standard file formats for Access 2007 deployed files:

  1. .accdb standard file format for Access 2007
  2. .accde compiled binary file. This strips the VBA source code from the file
  3. .accdc combined version of Access application file, and a digital signature associated with the file
  4. .accdr format for running an application in runtime mode.

More on signing and creating the .accdc file:

I love this:

Note: Although this feature is also known as “packaging,” it does not accomplish the same tasks as the Package Solution Wizard of the Access 2007 Developer Extensions. The feature described in this section packages an Access 2007 file and applies a digital signature to the package that helps indicate to users that the file is trustworthy.

So if I’ve got this right, I can use the Packaging Wizard (discussion from yesterday) to package and deploy an .accdc file which is a signed version of my access workstation file. Whew!

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