Trixbox Training – More and Better!

Trixbox has added some more in-depth training options. I took the FtOCC (Fonality Trixbox Open Communications Certification training in June, and it started to get interesting on a technical level.

Now the TB folks have two new courses that go deeper into the technology:

  • FtOCC Technician (trixbox CE, Pro and PBXtra)
    FtOCC Technician is a three-day technical certification course designed to train resellers and consultants to support their clients running trixbox CE, trixbox Pro, and PBXtra systems. Taught by Fonality technical support instructors, FtOCC Technician dives deep into platform and application installation, carrier setup and integration, network configuration, echo causes and remedies, and other common issues. A requirement for Authorized and Premium Resellers, this course should be taken by Linux technicians and engineers who regularly support client installations.
  • FtOCC Engineer (trixbox CE, Pro, and PBXtra) FtOCC Engineer is a new course designed to teach engineers how to do custom application development for trixbox CE, Pro and PBXtra. Write deep CRM integration, database dips, text-to-speech, internet look-ups and more by combining the Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) and Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) with a CGI, SQL database, IVR, or all three. Want to hear a perl-based IVR in action? Call 310-861-4393 and hit option 2. Taught by Fonality’s lead engineers who created trixbox Pro and PBXtra, this course is for serious programmers with deep Linux knowledge.

The original FtoCC training course now appears to be renamed Trixbox Administrator course, and is the “entry-level” course of the series.

Even if you aren’t selling and installing Trixboxes, the courses are useful on a general level as you learn a great deal about Asterisk, VoIP, Linux, echo-cancellation, etc.

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