Suggested Routers for VoIP

In addition to the new Trixbox training mentioned the other day, Fonality is now offering commercial versions of TrixBox…called Trixbox Pro. This is offered as a “hybrid hosted” model, in which you supply the server and other hardware, but the server is more or less permanently in contact and managed from their hosted server application.

As they are rolling this out, they seem to have upgraded the help support wiki, with some very specific information gleaned from their experience of deploying over 60,000 phones. For example, here are recommendations for routers suitable for use with VoIP.

They have also published a hardware compatibilty list, which lists certified, (fully supported) hardware and uncertified (supported by at a 25% cost premium) hardware. Of interest are several HP servers that are certified, and the Dell SC440 (tower), and 1950 (1-U rackmount). Aastra and Polycom phones are on the certified list, as are Sangoma interface cards.

On the suggested router list at the low end are the Linksys BEFSR81, D-Link DI724U and Fortinet Fortigate 50B.

They also have a “blacklist”…stuff that they don’t recommend for various reasons. These include problems with firmware (notorious with some low-end routers), and design incompatibilities. Sure enough, my BEFSX41 is on the blacklist.

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