Chron This Week

Lately the Chronicle of Philanthropy hasn’t had a whole lot of new things about technology…but this week they discuss non-profits who are getting involved in projects to mitigate the problem of global warming. There is a very interesting article about Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute. Lovins has been pushing a “Hypercar” design (over 100 mpg) for years.

Perhaps the biggest effect that Amory Lovins and his colleagues at RMI have had on the auto industry has less to do with specific technology and more to do with showing potential opportunities that can be derived from thinking differently about how cars are designed and engineered.

Lovins has his detractors.

Unfortunately this article is behind a registration block. Hey Chron!, the New York Times dropped their paid system, why can’t you? This week’s issue is too good to be restricted to the break room of the alumni development office, lost among the sections of yesterday’s WSJ.

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