Community Voice Mail

Hmm..if you are ever wondering what to do to with a Trixbox

Community Voice Mail is a service that provides free phone numbers and voice mail boxes to clients without reliable access to a telephone.

Their phone may have been cut off; they may live in a group shelter; they may be fleeing domestic violence. For many poor, homeless, or otherwise needy people, the privacy afforded by a personal voice mailbox is an impossible luxury.

CVM is a hosted service which is run out of their national office in Seattle. They reserve blocks of phone numbers in their host cities. Local programs are hosted by an existing social-service agency or program, who must provide one FTE person as staff.

From the CVM web site:

The CVM Model

Each CVM site around the United States is hosted by one main social or health service agency (“Host Agency”) which is responsible for funding and managing the CVM service for the whole city/community. The host agency gives out the voicemail boxes to other participating agencies who then give them to the end users/clients. The key to the program is the fact that clients receive a local telephone number at which to receive messages from potential employers, landlords and others –and case workers can utilize CVM to stay in contact with their clients, doubling the impact of the service.

Another fine article…hidden behind the “premium” firewall at the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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