Two new web apps

Two more lightweight web applications to help you manage your life…


This is a “sticky note” application that allows you save to-do lists, create reminders, and lists of your “peeps”.(which can then be exported to your eMail application). Looks promising. Doesn’t quite pass the Five-Minute-Test….but maybe ten?


From the same developers, Sandy is an eMail version of the stikkit application. This is currently in beta…I received a login within 24 hours of trying to sign up. Nice 50’s graphics…where is her apron?

1 thought on “Two new web apps

  1. Orion

    Thanks, I’ll check them out. Right now I use < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Wrike<> as a GTD system and I really like, cause it does save much time.



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