Windows PowerShell Version 2.0 CTP

Microsoft has published a Community Technology Preview of the next version of the PowerShell (aka Monad). The big news is the inclusion of remoting…the ability to execute scripts on remote machines.

…five minutes later….

Already I’m in trouble; even though I an execute an old script from the command line, I’ve already gotten an error, myscriptname cannot be loaded because the execution of scripts is disabled on the this system. See get-help about_signing for more details

OK….so I get the following:

PowerShell execution policies provide security for the scripting environment by determining the conditions under which PowerShell loads configuration files and runs scripts. “Restricted” is the most secure policy and is the default. It permits individual commands, but does not permit scripts to run.

There is a rudimentary GUI editor too.

This is what DOS batch files have become now that they are all grown up.

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