Free Audio Telephone Conferencing

We’ve been using a free audio telephone conference application for about six months.

It is


  • Basic Service is free.
  • You are assigned your own conference number which you keep between conferences
  • Users dial in using their own long-distance provider to a (605) area code (South Dakota).
  • They can also provide a toll-free number for your users; then they charge 7 cents per minute per user.
    Example…today we had a meeting with two connections, that ran for an hour and 45 minutes.. so that would have been 7 x2x105=$14.70. Since we both used our own long distance providers, which typically charge 3-4 cents for domestic long-distance, it may be cheaper to let everyone pay on their own. There is no restriction on long-distance provider.
  • Call quality is more than acceptable. It breaks up occasionally.


We use this with a Polycom Soundstation conferencing phone.

Put this up with SightSpeed, and you have video as well.

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