Random Cranks & Parts

James Howard Kunstler has a dark vision of what might happen in our country and the rest of the world as oil becomes more difficult to find and more expensive.
He has now started a podcast. He probably best known for two books, The Geography of Nowhere, and The Long Emergency.

I received a new biking magazine, a newspaper, actually, The Practical Pedal. Looks as if the audience is bike commuters. Their current issue is about winter riding…something I haven’t done; must be that I’m too chicken to get salt all over my touring bike.

The newest computer around here from Logic Supply has a mini-ITX form factor. Video output includes a very fine digital monitor connection, and an S-Video connector. Turns out adapters for S-Video don’t necessarily include all the pins to convey color. (WTF?) So, a search on the internet led me to Parts Express, which has lots of part and gear for home audio installations. They look especially helpful if you want to build your stereo speakers. They had the requisite connectors, at a good price. Problem solved.

Not to be forgotten are the Cyberguys. As they say, “Your Source for Hard-to-Find Computer Parts & Accessories”. For software I love NewEgg.

Web Worker Daily is loaded with office productivity tips.

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