Photos of a Intel "Mini-ITX" type system

Wanted to show some photos of the little systems picked up from Logic Supply. Here’s a look at the exterior of the fanless one. The top and sides are perforated to let the heat out. Click on the photos to see a larger image.

Here’s a look with the covers off. You can see the massive heat-sink that sits over the processor, to the right…the smaller, shiny heat sink sits above the hard drive.

A look right down on the top…

And, a view with both heatsinks removed. You can see the mini hard drive to left. It is mounted into a carrier that has the hard drive heat sink already attached.

System specs:

Intel Celeron M440 (Yonah) 1.86Ghz
1 meg of Ram
2.5″ Samsung hard drive SATA 80 GB

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