ITunes and Quicktime are pigs

A host of minor irritations:
1. Why does it take almost 15 minutes for iTunes to download and install an update?
2. Why does iTunes autoamatically install Quicktime?
3. Why are there Quicktime icons installed in the systray and on the desktop even though I never want them? Why does this happen every bloody time it updates?
4. Why does iTunes automatically use up about 80% of my processor capacity when playing a tune from the hard drive, thereby practically rendering my workstation useless if I want to listen to music at the same time I’m programming?

Just asking.

1 thought on “ITunes and Quicktime are pigs

  1. Anonymous

    I agree with you that iTunes is a pig. This is one of my biggest ambitions in life to once and for all end the deployment madness and mammoth downloads.Your 80% must because you’re using the visualizer. My dual core runs it at 41% which is line with you 80% if you’re on a single core.Turn that off and you should be happier.



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