Fairpoint/Verizon: Change Number of Rings before VoiceMail

This took an hour to figure out…and three lengthy calls, two of which were cut off.

This applies if you have the newly switched-over Fairpoint residential service, which, as of April 1 was taken over from Verizon. (Maine/NH/VT) Rather than going through the multi-level call director a (800) 870-9999, they’ll forward you to what they say is the business office at 1 (866) 984-2001. It is this latter number where you can ask them to change the number of rings before your residential line goes into voice mail.

Why can’t this be a “personal option” directly within the phonemail system is a mystery.

Seems silly to post this in a blog, but there was nothing online about this, that I could fine in the Verizon or FairPoint web sites.

The automated call directors represent a whole new level of obnoxiousness. It is as if they are trying to drive their customers insane.

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