Now Do This: Focus your To Do List

For all of us multi-taskers, it sometimes seems to be impossible to focus on doing just one thing at a time. If I actually ever had an epitaph engraved on a headstone somewhere it might be something like Lawrence Keyes 1952-20038 “He spent 13 years of his life waiting for Windows to reboot”.

The Windows reboot problem just engenders multi-tasking…in the mornings, I manage to boil water, grind coffee, and filter the coffee all in the time that it takes my workstation to boot up, connect to the server and open OutLook.

But, once up and running, there are the multitudinous distractions of the web; you can always find something more interesting than what you are supposed to be doing.

So, now, stay focused. In one tab of your browser, go to Put in your tasks for the next hour or three, or the morning, in the order in which you should do them, and, you’ll get that little frisson every time you click done. The page immediately refreshes, and tells you what the next thing is on your list. Brilliant.

Disclaimer: This blog post was not on my list.

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