Chron Taken Over By Space Aliens!

Chronicle of Philanthropy Offices Taken Over By Space Aliens!
Editor’s Neurons Replaced by Sponge-like Substance!

The major theme this week in the Chronicle of Philanthropy addresses the economic crisis and how it will affect non-profits and fundraising.

Also a profile and interview with, um, Newt Gingrich, who appears to be fully rehabilitated, at least among conservatives. His opinion on AmeriCorps:

I think it’s [AmeriCorps] is part of the banality of the bureaucracy. If you go and interview the AmeriCorps people, they’re all well-meaning, they all love what they’re doing, and you say to yourself, explain to me why the government is paying for this? Because it’s not volunteerism. If you get paid for it, it’s a job. It may be a low-paying job, but it’s a job

The banality of the bureaucracy. Good one. How about this?

My disbelief in something good and constructive coming out of Washington bureaucracy and Capitol Hill is so deep right now that, until they get their own act together and figure out how to reform their own systems, I don’t think they should look very much at anybody else. This city is a disaster and it’s getting worse every year.

Of course, Gingrich and his friends are the architects of the Washington mess. Personally, I couldn’t bear it, but there is an online audio version of the interview. If you don’t like that one there is an interview with Ashley Judd on the same page.

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