Voice Over IP Updates

I haven’t focused on VoIP for awhile… but others do.

FierceVoIP announced that Logitech has bought out SightSpeed. Sightspeed was (is) one of my favorite videoconferencing applications, and it will be very interesting to see what becomes of the product.

VoipInsider reports that Polycom has updated the firmware for Soundpoint phones.

VoicePulse has announced a fail-over option for their accounts. They’ve completely redesigned their web site with a new interface, that looks really classy. This is one VoIP provider who appears to be here to stay. Hooray!

Windows for Devices reports that Motorola will discontinue development of Symbian and MotoMax phones, and concentrate on Windows Mobile, and Google Android. The site emphasizes hardware running embedded versions of Windows, there is a companion site for the Linux crowd at Linux For Devices.

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