Odds and Sods

Via Make Magazine – Get your warning labels, warning signs, church signs here.

Innovation Economy – A blog about start-ups and innovation around Boston and New England. Check the post regarding the Detroit Automaker Bailout.

The Economist agrees about the bailout.

Getting down to the wire on our NIH grant application, I just casually attempted to log in with my usual credentials into Grants.gov. Using Internet Explorer…the latest version, (I guess) it didn’t work. I downloaded a fresh copy of FireFox, and was in. It also worked on Safari. So there is something odd going on with IE. I’m now thinking the ideal grant application machine is a Windows XP machine with dual monitors, so you can keep the instructions open at the same time you are filling out the forms. You also need a copy of Adobe Acrobat…the full application to slice and dice .PDF files.

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