Bento v. 2.0 and a Bento/FileMaker guru

I just downloaded Bento 2.0 (preliminary MacWorld review here) and in perusing the support forums I found Jesse Feiler, who is just across the pond (i.e. Lake Champlain). A kindred spirit, author and non-profit database consultant at North Country Consulting, here is his bio:

Jesse Feiler, author, developer, speaker, and consultant works with new technologies such as mashups and Facebook as well as databases and applications for small business and non-profits.

Jesse is a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and author of many books on FileMaker specializes in FileMaker applications for small business and non-profits. He is well-equipped to handle conversions and upgrades to the newest version of FileMaker. In addition to new systems, he is available for “rehabs”–updates and improvements to existing FileMaker solutions. Current projects include point-of-sale and Web store for a small business, production management, client/project management, and research management for an arts foundation.

His latest books are The Bento Book: Beauty and Simplicity in Digital Organization and How to Do Everything with Web 2.0 Mashups. His most recent non-technology appearnace was moderating HB Studio: The Early Years with Anne Jackson, Eli Wallach, Mary Anthony, and Ed Morehouse for The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.

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