Conference: Freedom To Connect

Another plug for the Freedom To Connect conference to be held in Washington DC March 30th and 31. To crib from the home page.

F2C 2009 will tell the story of:

  • on-line, network-enabled industry and culture, new jobs and sustainable growth
  • Burlington VT, where muni fiber enables business, artistic endeavor, and new telemedicine
  • how Lafayette LA’s community came together as it built its muni fiber network
  • the twin cities of Cedar Falls and Waterloo, Iowa, where one twin has a muni net, and the other doesn’t
  • how municipal CIOs are planning for Seattle, Portland and San Francisco municipal fiber networks
  • city nets, wired and wireless, that didn’t work — what went wrong and what that teaches
  • what Obama’s infrastructure and economic recovery plans mean for tomorrow’s network

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