Odds and Sods

“The first rule of intelligent tinkering is to save all the pieces.” Glen Prickett senior vice president of Conservation International quoted in Thomas Friedman’s book The World is Flat.

Delicious Monster has developed a personal inventory program that works with bar codes. You can inventory your books and CDs using the iMac’s camera.

The Lean Startup, blog and workshops, has a ton of information about using a lean engineering methodology for product development.

Apple has released version 4 of the Safari web browser. Two nice features are a cover-flow interface which works like the Finder or iTunes to flip through the browser history, and a sort of marquee that shows a customizable set of pages based on pages most frequently visited. Lifehacker has a work-around to allow you to add pages of your own choosing.

I like the update. It crashes every so often, though.

Interesting take on libraries from Don Lancaster:

Many of the fundamental premises of what a
library once was now border on the ludicrous…

  • That information is scarce.
  • That info is only available at a special place.
  • That only one copy of info is available.
  • That a specialist is needed for info loan.
  • That info is only available during restricted hours.
  • That control freaks should be in charge of anything ever.

If libraries are to survive, they will have to totally rethink
what they are and what services they are going to offer
to which people in what manner.

He expands this in a full discussion of soon-to-be obsolete technologies.

Still I actually bought a book yesterday. In a store. (!)

But what I really want is one of these.

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