Windows 7 and Mac OS upgrades

This morning I signed up for an upgrade for my two Macs; a 5-user “family pack” for $49.00, which will cost me $25.00 per machine. There is one version for everybody, and two prices, $29.00 for a single copy and the $49.00 for the family pack.

On the Microsoft Windows 7 side it is a crapshoot. Decide between three different versions, plus full or upgrade versions, plus 32 or 64 bit versions, and pay at a minimum what appears to be $79.00 for a single copy for an upgrade. Considering the fiasco of Windows Vista, Microsoft should be paying their customers to install Windows 7, not the other way around.

Both upgrades Mac and Windows appear to offer very little in the way of enhanced functionality as David Coursey says in his blog, “Snow Leopard, More Snore Than Snarl“. PC World also has a comparison of the two upgrades.

Recommendation: Sit Tight. Wait till Christmas.

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