Monthly Introduction – October 2009

Welcome to TechForNonProfits, the unplugged version of Microdesign Consulting a chronicle of hardware and software adventures in the context of distance education, tele-health, and non-profit organizations. Part brain dump, part lab diary, it also includes discussion and experience in federal, state and foundation grantwriting on the funding side. Nothing like living on soft money to keep you on your toes.

In short, we break most of the rules for a “good blog”…(narrowly focused subject, multiple voices and experience, frequent posting, etc.)

While it is always difficult to predict, topics this month may include:

  • The Rosetta Stone Diaries
  • Macintosh Machinations
  • The Federal Stimulus Package — The Real Truth
  • The FairPoint Bankruptcy
  • Stuff That Works
  • Tech Friday

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